What is Charting Our Future?

Charting Our Future is a unique Town project designed to chart the next course; to think about what the future holds for Chapel Hill.  This Project gives the Town the Opportunity to knit together previous planning efforts, examine gateways into Town, and provide cohesion between existing areas of development along major corridors.

The project will unfold in two phases. The first phase will hone the Future Land Use Map (FLUM), which is called the Land Use Plan in Chapel Hill 2020, the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.  This phase will conclude when the Town Council adopts the new map as an amendment to Chapel Hill 2020.

The second phase will rewrite the Town’s Land Use Management Ordinance (LUMO), with the overall goal of improving the town’s land use tools and processes so that they are more predictable, functional, and intentional.

Why does the Land Use Plan in Chapel Hill 2020 Need to be Refined?

In April 2017, the Town Council began a project to rewrite the Land Use Management Ordinance and to refine the Future Land Use Map (FLUM). The Land Use Management Ordinance is more than thirty years old and needs to be rewritten.  The FLUM will act as a guide for future decisions in the areas of opportunity.

How Will the FLUM be Used?

The FLUM is the first step of the overall process to rewrite the Town’s Land Use Management Ordinance. The goal is to create a map that gives direction as land use decisions are considered.

What is a Future Land Use Map?

A Future Land Use Map (FLUM) is a tool to manage future growth, implement the community vision, and identify areas to be preserved and areas of opportunity. The FLUM  reflects a broad range of land uses, including residential; commercial; mixed use; industrial; and open space.

Typically, FLUMs are components of comprehensive plans, and Chapel Hill 2020 includes a Land Use Plan.  This refined FLUM will replace the Land Use Plan and will help to implement the vision of Chapel Hill 2020 (adopted in 2012).

How Can I Stay Involved?

One goal of the FLUM is to support the Town’s values, honor the community’s desires to protect what it loves most about the Town, and add what it needs to be successful now and into the future.

None of that can happen without you.

Throughout this process, the Town will hold informational meetings, workshops, and other events to present various, focused land use scenarios that have the potential to support Town values and policy goals. These events will give you the opportunity to learn about feasible land use options, gain an understanding of the inherent tradeoffs that come with making land use decisions, and give feedback on the scenarios presented.

Use the check list below to make sure you’re staying “in the know.”

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See the Events Page for updates on events and project milestones.