What are the Goals for Citizen Participation/Engagement in the Charting Our Future Project?

The aim of the engagement process for the refinement of the Town’s Future Land Use Map is to deliver a highly transparent and accessible experience for those that live, work, and play in Chapel Hill. The process is designed to:

  • Raise awareness about the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) Refinement Project in particular and local government in general;
  • Educate about the importance of the FLUM, specifically that the FLUM:
  • Together with Chapel Hill 2020, gives direction as land use decisions are made;
  • Provides a degree of certainty regarding where the Town may or may not change;
  • Shows that the Town has thought about how & where development/redevelopment/preservation should occur or not occur; and,
  • Helps insure that land use changes lead the Town toward a desired future.
  • Create a Future Land Use Map that leads to land use decisions that are predictable, function, and intentional;
  • Proactively solicit views on options and issues surrounding potential changes to the Land Use Plan in Chapel Hill 2020;
  • Meaningfully interact and seek opinions from 2500 people, during this phase of the LUMO Rewrite Project, who live; work; play; study; invest; and pray in Chapel Hill;
  • Effectively communicate to participants how input is incorporated, altered, or omitted; and,
  • Encourage collaboration among all Town Staff so that the FLUM is a tool that helps to implement the Council’s Strategic Vision and Plan.