What are the phases, community input objectives, and opportunities for input regarding the refinement of the Future Land Use Map?

Timeframe Phase Engagement objective Method
January –March  2018 Project Planning Provide information to assist in the understanding of the FLUM Project Introduction at Development Review Boards/Commission Meetings
May 2018 Launching the Project Provide residents with information to assist them in understanding the FLUM Project,  to inform them of the opportunities for input, & to begin the public input process Website;  Launch Public Community Meeting
May – October 2018 Evaluation of Alternatives Obtain public feedback on alternatives and work directly with the community throughout the process to ensure that public concerns & aspirations are consistently understood & considered.  Work with the community to provide feedback on how public input influenced decisions. Focus Groups; On-line surveys;

Workshops/Charrette* during 1.5-day Event; “Go where the people are opportunities”

March  – November 2019 Blueprint & Draft Map Evaluation Seek and consider public feedback on the Draft Map while keeping the community informed, listening to & acknowledging concerns and providing feedback on how public input influenced the development of the draft FLUM Community Open House, Online Engagement, Drop-In Studio, Attendance at community events
Winter 2019/ Fall  2020 Map Adoption Obtain public input on the Final Version of the FLUM Online engagement and virtual meetings

* This one and one-half day event will provide an intensive workshop environment in which planning and design ideas are generated, filtered, and discussed openly by participants in order to refine alternative land use scenarios in an interactive environment.