Kids say (draw!) the darndest things…..

Do you ever wonder what kids love about Chapel Hill? Or what they’d change?  We did, so we asked them.

We visited with children at the Town’s summer camps at Hargraves and the Community Center as well as the Food for Summer Program.

The children were given the following instructions:

I want each of you to write a postcard to send to the Town. On the blank side of the postcard, I want you to draw a picture of what Chapel Hill looks like to you. This could be anything. When you think of Chapel Hill, draw the picture that comes to your mind.

On the back of the card, there are two questions we want you to answer. The first is “What do you love most about Chapel Hill?” And the second is “What would you change about Chapel Hill?”

The children told us so much with both their pictures and their words.  Please take a few minutes and REALLY view their pictures and their words by clicking on the links below.  The children love and value our wonderful parks, civic spaces, community events as well as our restaurants.  They want everyone to have a home and to be safe.   Of course, they want more theme parks, shopping, and other kinds of recreation, and while theme parks may not be in Chapel Hill’s future, their desires to be with friends and family doing “stuff” should not be dismissed.

Please remember that we are Charting their Future.  Consequently, we should listen to what they have to say.

Children’s Drawings

Children’s Drawings (2)

Children’s Drawings (3)

Children’s Drawings (4)

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