Map Book including Resiliency Assessment Maps

The revised Future Land Use Map, which is the first phase of the Charting Our Future Project, serves as guidance for the rewriting of the Town’s Land Use Management Ordinance (LUMO) or “rule book” for development.  These Resiliency Assessment Maps indicate where potential concerns with flooding and extreme heat exist.   Knowing this, the Town can then begin to think about adaptions that could positively impact these issues through changes to the Land Use Management Ordinance and possibly the General Code of Ordinances.  These types of adaptions may include regulations and/or incentives for things such as green roofs, green stormwater infrastructure, and tree planting both on parcels and Town streets.  The Town developed these maps based on the Triangle Regional Resilience Partnership Resilience Assessment prepared for the Triangle J Council of Governments.

The Extreme Heat Resiliency Assessment Maps,  Flood Resiliency Assessment Maps, the Mobility Map, which was adopted by the Town Council in 2017, and Existing Habitat and Potential Connections Map, from the June 5 Charting Our Future Open House/Council Special Meeting, are now available for review.  As these maps are revised, updated versions will be posted.

A short video from the June 5, 2019 Open House is also available.

If you have any questions or would like to offer any suggestions regarding the maps, please e-mail

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